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SC2 Commercial Runner – V2.0.0 Released

Today I’m releasing an entirely new design around the commercial runner app. To be honest, the old version was ugly and still had some browser-related issues around.


  • Full redesign. The entire app is now smaller and a bit more Starcrafty.
  • All separate windows have been removed. The entire app stays in 1 window.
  • Login now opens separately in a browser, and a “Login Token” is copied into the app to sign in.
  • Updating is much smoother, with a proper dialog and progress bar during download.
  • “Show Overlay” option is now shown directly in the app.
  • Options not currently available are now grayed out when logged out in the notify icon menu.
  • Some minor performance improvements.
  • Works with SC2 V1.5.3

The biggest issue, specifically with IE8 logins, shouldn’t be an issue anymore, since authentication opens up in your default browser. Adding the “Show Overlay” option directly in the app should fix a lot of complaints as well, since I know several streamers appear to have issues with the overlay causing performance issues.

The smaller size should be more convenient for streamers who want to keep this open on a spare monitor as well.

Overall, this is a big improvement over the old version, and I’d recommend anyone running V1.0 to update to the new interface. You should be able to update automatically once the download arrow appears in the top right of the app.

You can always grab the latest version of the app on the project page.